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Dear Friend,

I have proudly served House District 59 constituents in the Oregon Legislature since August, 2007.  District 59 is comprised of western and southern Wasco County, Jefferson County, Wheeler County, the northern portion of Deschutes County and small portions of Clackamas and Marion Counties, 8,000 square miles of rural, eastern and central Oregon.  

Our landscape is dotted with everything from fruit trees and wheat to forests, fossils, rivers, canyons and mountains.  I love the independent spirit, work ethic and common sense that I find in my friends in District 59.  My commitment to the good folks of my district is summed up in the following Mission Statement.


I am on a mission to build a better District 59 within Oregon by serving the folks of my district.  I am committed to restoring trust, accountability and transparency in Oregon State Government.  Also, I will continue to promote public policies that restore:

  • Limited government,
  • Fiscal responsibility,
  • Outstanding educational opportunities,
  • Balanced management of our natural resources,
  • Free market business growth and development,
  • A healthy private sector job creating economy,
  • Protection of personal rights, and
  • Personal responsibility.

I am working with you for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My work and my votes in the Oregon House of Representatives reflect my committment to this mission.

Contact Me With Your Needs

Even though I am on several committees there are many other committees that will debate and pass bills – I won't hear them all.  So, if you hear of a bill that concerns you and needs my attention, please email the bill number to me with your concerns and I will investigate. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if questions or issues arise. We won’t always agree but the dialogue and process is called democracy. Also, if there is pending legislation affecting your area, I welcome your comments, suggestions and guidance. I cannot begin to know all I need to know about every piece of legislation, so your input is priceless. If you have not yet signed up for our e-newsletter, please do so. If you are planning a trip to the capitol during session, don’t hesitate to contact us for a visit.


John Huffman

State Representative John Huffman

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